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TeamRoyal is made up of various companies and individual specialists

who are represented on almost every continent.

Our team has specialized in 

gold and diamonds and proceed hereboth as a buyer or seller

like also in an accompanying function. 

However, one of our current focal points is the support and realisation of a project in the healthcare sector.

The arrangement of gold transactions is being organized via our team in Austria. The acceptance and melting down of raw material will be carried out exclusively via the refineries, cooperating with us in Austria.


To filter out the few from the approx. 1.000 offers per annum, which are real and practicable, we must refer to our standard procedures and draft contracts for reasons of optimization.


More about it in the category DOWNLOAD, which contains also additional information concerning the principle carrying out of real gold business transactions.

We are interested  in the purchase of rough diamonds in certain grades and from certain sizes.
The purchase of polished diamonds can be arranged for interested external buyers.
New business partners are kindly asked to get in touch with us preferably through our CONTACT FORM and to define their concerns as detailed as possible.

A new treatment procedure was developed around 5 years ago which was intended to specifically address the causes of diseases and not just the symptoms. Numerous patients have already been successfully treated in recent years:

Parkinson's disease, Covid 19, Dengue fever, Herpes, Chickenpox, Shingles, Clamydia, Gonorrhoea, Diarrhoea, Intestinal diseases, Malaria, Heart disease, Pericarditis, Lyme disease, Encephalitis, Meningitis, Multi-resistant hospital germs (Klebsiella, Pneumonia), Parasite-induced or associated cancers…...


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